Do you want to know What Is So Difficult About Lawn Care in Bellingham MA? then you are at the right place Services providing modern lawn care Bellingham MA are popular because maintaining a good lawn in Bellingham has its difficulties. This article covers some of the usual issues that people have when they are trying to fix up and maintain their lawn.

What Is So Difficult About Lawn Care in Bellingham MA?

Disease Control

If you notice brown patches on your lawn, it may indicate a condition called Rhizoctonia Blight. It often happens in hot weather and create a patch of brown lawn that is often circular. The best way to fix this is with cold water, preferably watered at night, but for more serious cases, you will need a lawn care expert.

There is the “Dollar Spot” that is also known as Sclerotinia Homeocarpa. This is another warm-weather problem where a fungus takes hold. Large, tan-colored wounds appear on the grass blades. In most cases, this causes small dead patches of lawn, but if left unchecked, it can eventually kill an entire lawn over the course of a few years.

During hot, humid weather, Leaf Blight, also known as Ascochyta spp., occurs. People who mow their lawn in the late evening and then overwater their grass often directly cause this disease.

Lawn rust is a scraggy rough patch of grass that often has yellow and orange flecks on the leaves so that from a distance it seems like light brown (rusty) grass. It often occurs during extended periods of low light and low temperatures with high humidity.

Weeds and Unwanted Growth

We all know what weeds are. They are highly resistant plants that are easily spread. They take hold wherever they can and they spread relatively quickly when compared to most garden plants. When people talk about unwanted growth, they may mean weeds, but they may also be referring to times when your plants and your grass migrate into areas they shouldn’t be (like the cracks in your paths and such).

Eco-friendly options for weed, moss, and unwanted growth solutions are limited. You can opt for manual methods, which are eco-friendly, or consider using a biodegradable weed killer if preferred. In most cases, prevention is better than the cure. You have your landscaper create a garden environment where it isn’t easy for weeds and unwanted growth to take over.


Finding the Right Landscaper for You

In most cases, you want some sort of paid professional to conduct any lawn care in Bellingham MA on a semi-regular basis. Some things need doing every few weeks, and some things need doing at certain points in the year. Tasks such as removing dead leaves, snow, and moss are occasional, whereas lawn mowing and weeding require regular attention. If you need assistance with your lawn care and monthly or yearly garden tasks, contact the team at J. Gudiel Landscape, Inc. You will get fair prices, and the sort of expertise that can deal with any lawn issue or disease that pops up on your property.