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Everyone always talks about landscape design, but not nearly enough about its hardscape counterpart. This refers, self-explanatorily, to the hard landscape materials that are incorporated into the landscape in build environment structures.

What does this usually include? Well, hardscape design services often create paved areas, walkways, driveways, stairs, retaining walls, sleeper walls, and other landscape components that make use of wood, concrete, and stone. Here at J. Gudiel Landscape, our team is ready to create the environments that you desire.

Hardscape Design Services

Are you wondering what our hardscape design services can do for you? The answer is simple: anything and everything that you can imagine in a yard that isn’t a plant can be brought to life by our team of experts. At our company, we take great pride in our ability to design and construct hardscapes that not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations. We are, of course, talking about:

  • Hardscaping - If landscaping is the management of the land, the plants, the greenery, and the living components of a yard, hardscaping will refer to everything else, from construction to patios.

  • Walkways - Manage the outdoor space by creating paths between different areas.

  • Construction - Hardscape construction is meant to provide you with interesting and functional spaces that you can freely enjoy without damaging or affecting your greenery.

  • New lawns - Planting new lawns will be a lot more complicated than it might seem at first, which is why it’s always good to trust a professional service to take care of the issue as it should.

  • Patios - Create beautiful and functional social spaces outdoors.

  • Stone walls - There’s no real need for stone walls outdoors, but they can sure give you control over the space and the aesthetic you’re going for.

  • Retaining walls - Walls can also serve as very functional ways to retain earth, hold planters, and protect your structures.

  • Pool decks - Pool decks can be a great way to enhance the overall area, not just aesthetically but also functionally.

  • French drains - French drains are a trench filled with gravel or rock with a perforated pipe that can redirect surface water and groundwater away from a particular area.

  • Grading construction - Grading construction is the architectural construction that ensures a level base when dealing with uneven terrain that presents an inconvenient slope.

  • Sod installation - This special kind of pavement has pores that allow rainwater and humidity to flow down to the soil below rather than accumulate on the surface.

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What kind of space do you want to create in your outdoor areas? Do you want something that looks natural and harmonious? Something that can become a nice place for you and your guests to spend time in? Both? Regardless of what you want, the hardscape design services of J. Gudiel Landscape can help you create the ideal space. Just give us a call at 508-380-0048 or complete the contact form on our website.