If you’re dreaming of a gorgeous lawn and landscape but don’t want to spend all your free time working on it, you might wonder, what is full-service lawn care? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Full-service lawn care is the perfect way to have a stunning, well-kept lawn and landscaping without lifting a finger. Just hire a professional service to handle everything and enjoy the amazing results of a beautifully maintained yard. Let’s break down what full-service lawn care providers usually do, so you can decide if hiring one is the right choice for your landscaping needs.

What Is Full-Service Lawn Care?

Full-service lawn care means hiring experts to take Maintenance of your yard completely. They’ll do everything, like cutting the grass, watering, adding fertilizer, and getting rid of weeds. It’s like having a team make sure your lawn looks great without you needing to do any work. Contact us today for professional commercial and landscaping services.

What does Full-Service Lawn Care do

What does Full-Service Lawn Care do

Debris Removal

Full-service lawn care includes getting rid of debris, which is really important, especially in the spring. During winter, stuff like leaves and branches can pile up on your lawn, which isn’t good for the grass when it starts growing again. Pros will clean it all up, making sure your lawn is tidy and ready for new growth. It’s smart to do a big cleanup at the start of each season to keep your lawn healthy.

Weed Control

In full-service lawn care, keeping weeds under control is super important. Imagine your yard getting taken over by crabgrass or other weeds! Good lawn care pros are experts at this. They use special treatments to stop weeds from growing in the first place, especially in the spring. By using the right weed control methods, your lawn can stay nice and weed-free without a constant battle. Make sure to use weed control products recommended by your lawn care team for the best results.


Full-service lawn care covers the essential task of mowing your lawn regularly. This is crucial for maintaining a healthy lawn, and professionals will handle this for you. You can usually choose how often you want your lawn mowed, with a schedule of once or twice a week being common to keep your grass at the right length for optimal health. With full-service, your lawn will always be well-groomed and thriving.


Edging is essential for a beautiful lawn, providing that crisp, clean finish where your lawn meets the pavement. It’s crucial for enhancing the overall look of your yard, as even the best grass can appear unkempt if the edges are overgrown. Typically, lawn care services include edging every time they mow your lawn, ensuring it remains well-groomed and attractive. With this all-in-one grass trimming service, your lawn will be maintained, beautiful, and happy.


Reseeding is a crucial step in full service. If your lawn needs a refresh, reseeding is essential. It’s done to replace grass in areas where it’s dying or struggling to grow. Make sure only a trusted lawn maintenance service handles this to avoid mistakes. They’ll know how to do it right.


Aeration is often paired with reseeding because it creates tiny air pockets that are perfect for new grass seeds to grow. If some areas of your lawn struggle to grow grass, your lawn care team will add more seeds to those spots after preparing them. It’s like giving those areas an extra boost to help the grass grow better.

Bushes And Hedges

Many lawn care services offer bush and hedge maintenance, though it might not be included in basic packages. They can trim large bushes into nice shapes and make sure they don’t block other parts of your yard. This is usually done every month or two during spring, summer, and early fall. It’s a great way to keep your landscaping looking neat and tidy.


Types Of Lawn Care Service

Types Of Lawn Care Service

Types of lawn care services are mentioned below.

Basic maintenance

Basic maintenance is about doing important tasks to keep your lawn neat. This includes cutting the grass, tidying the edges, and trimming bushes. These simple jobs help your yard look good.

Total Lawn Care

A complete lawn care service might add extra tasks such as aeration, seeding, applying lime, and sometimes controlling insects or mosquitoes.

Full-Service Lawn Care

This goes beyond basic care and includes more services like mowing, designing the landscape, planting, adding mulch, weeding flower beds, and cleaning up in spring.