Stone Walls

Walkways are a great way to make sure that outdoor spaces are easily navigated, properly organized, and pleasant to wander around. Why? They provide groundwork that can integrate the structures and walkways themselves with the greenery and the natural components of the area. Walkways can help manage the outdoor space by creating paths between different areas and make it easy to organize in terms of spacial use.

The Case for Stone Walls

So, what use could stone walls possibly have on your property? You’re not building a castle wall, are you? However, these can actually be quite useful in more ordinary situations. Let’s take a look at some examples.

planner stone

Create beautiful planters

Stone walls don’t have to be that tall. In fact, they can be quite short in order to create beautiful planters. All you need to do is build loops out of the walls and fill them up with earth to plant whatever you want to.

delinate stone

Delineate the area properly

At the same time, stone walls can circle the terrain in a way that can better define and delineate the space to your liking, even separating areas for different uses as desired.

terrain stone
terrain stone

Work with uneven terrain

Uneven terrain can be evened out for different uses with the help of stone retaining walls, which you can fill up with soil, evening out the area and create new plateaued ground.

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