Spring Cleanup

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So, what should you exactly be cleaning up in your yard during the spring? Well, spring cleanup services can include a lot of different things.

Seasonal planting

Given its moderate temperatures, spring is a good time of the year to do some planting, so if you’re looking to plant something, be it grass, trees, flowers, or bushes, spring might be the time to do so.


Trimming and pruning

As you know, plants tend to be affected by winter, meaning that spring is often a time to take care of such consequences. Dead branches, trimming of certain evergreen trees, and preemptive pruning can often be a good idea during the season.


General upkeep

Winter can take a toll on your yard, especially here in Massachusetts, so it’s good to invest in some upkeep by the time spring comes around to ensure that it stays looking its best.


Lawn maintenance

Spring is time for the rebirth of your greenery, which means that it will be the time to do some general maintenance to make sure that everything is in order and good to go for another year.