Sod Installation

Okay, so you have a new property and the yard is not in great shape. In fact, you might have to start all over again in order for it to look good at all. How do you approach this? Do you plant seeds for a grass lawn, starting from zero? Or do you rely on the probably more convenient method for sod installation? Let’s talk about how this would work.

Why Use Sod Installation?

Some people might initially be skeptical about using sod to create their lawns feeling like it’s “not the real thing”. However, sod can deliver the same results as starting from zero and with a lot more convenient aspects to it.

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Convenience over starting from scratch

The more obvious case in favor of sod installation is, of course, that it is a lot more convenient than having to go through all the preparation and work that it often takes to plant a new lawn from scratch.

easy installation

Easy installation

Sod is fairly easy to install, both in terms of time and workload, so a lot of people tend to prefer their ease of use when it comes to planting their lawn.

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Faster results

It’s pretty evident that installing sod will yield much faster results than growing an entire lawn from scratch. Sure, the lines between them will be visible for some time, but these go away fairly quickly after with the appropriate care given to them.

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