Retaining walls

If you have ever visited a large outdoor property with uneven terrain, then you have probably seen retaining walls. These tools of hardscaping can serve as very functional ways to retain earth, hold planters, and protect your structures, and our service can properly install them in a way that works well and looks good while doing it.

Why Use Retaining Walls?

So, what are retaining walls for? There are a lot of different uses for them, some even purely aesthetic. When should you use them? Well, let’s take a look.

Prevent incidents with the land

As the name implies, retaining walls are a good way to retain earth and terrain in general in a safe and organized capacity, keeping them in place and preventing landslides.

Make use of your outdoor area

Retaining walls, especially when it comes to dealing with uneven terrain, can allow you to better organize the area and establish a clear layout for people to walk through.

Get a better hold of the terrain

Once again, uneven terrain can particularly benefit from implementing retaining walls that can let those who move through it to better navigate the area.

Establish a distinct aesthetic

Retaining walls are not only purely functional. In fact, they can also be used to create a very distinct aesthetic by choosing the right materials to integrate them with the landscape.