Winter is upon us once again. If it hasn’t snowed where you are yet, it soon will do. Although it’s lovely to see a crisp blanket of snow, it can also bring problems. Mostly, this is to do with getting around. Roads, streets and paths clogged with snow may delay or even prevent you from going to work, shopping or any of the other things in your daily routine. The clearance of the main routes and streets are usually taken care of by the local authorities, but those that live in the backstreets and residential communities have to fend for themselves. That is where we at J. Gudiel Landscape Inc come in with our commercial snow plowing service. The reasons for contacting the contractor early are:

1.  To carry out an initial assessment

It is a good idea to have your snow removal contractor visit your home or neighborhood beforehand. This is so the contractor can see the area that will need clearing and decide what equipment would be necessary to complete the work. It also gives you a jump on other people. Once the snow falls everyone will want the services of a snow clearance contractor.

2.  To inform the contractor of what needs doing

During the visit you can tell the contractor what you want clearing and he or she can work out a plan of action. Within a residential area there may be places where the clearance isn’t so necessary. Some access and exit points may be more important than others.

3.  To discuss preventative measures

In addition to road snow clearance, consider sidewalks, paths, and driveways. Explore preventive measures like grit or liquid salt application before snowfall.

4.  To get a quote

The contractor can then make an evaluation or give you a quote for the work and explain exactly what services they offer. This may include the complete removal of the unwanted snow from the area or extra de-icing work in places where black ice could be a dangerous hazard. Any extra work may be added on to the costs.


5.  To check the contractor’s credentials

As an established business your contractor should be licensed and carry insurance. It’s important to check this out before you sign a contract in anticipation. Ensure you’re not liable for worker injuries or property damages during the job by clarifying expectations with your contractor beforehand. This helps both parties understand their responsibilities and prevents any surprises.

Our Service

We here at J.Gudiel Landscaping Inc. include commercial snow plowing, Wellesley snow removal, and other types of winter maintenance as part of our services. We are a family run and owned outside property maintenance company serving Framingham and the surrounding areas that is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. If you have need of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our website for more information.