Pruning is a very important part of tree care in order to improve and control your trees’ structure. This is the process by which any dead wood that might be stunting and holding back your trees’ growth is removed. This will be a vital step in ensuring that your trees grow healthily, especially during the more extreme weather seasons where their growth might be stunted by the temperatures and conditions. Let’s talk about what our pruning services can do for your greenery.


The Point of Pruning

So, why prune? A lot of people think that trimming the trees is enough to make sure that they remain looking good and healthy. However, this isn’t entirely true. Trees need some more attention in order to ensure healthy growth. This is where pruning comes in.

Major pruning

It is recommended to do major pruning during the winter when the tree is dormant and doesn’t have any leaves.


Minor pruning

During the summer, you should focus on minor pruning. That means tidying it up and clearing out smaller twigs that are either damaged or dead. This helps the tree grow healthily and undeterred.

Seasonal pruning

It’s important to remember, however, that every tree is different, and that some will be best pruned at different times of the year. It’s always best to consult with a pruning service in order to ensure that each tree will be doing well.

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