French Drains

 French drains, also known as weeping tiles and filter drains, are a trench filled with gravel or rock with a perforated pipe that can redirect surface water and groundwater away from a particular area. This prevents ground and surface water from damaging or penetrating building foundations, streets, and highways. Our service can help you install French drains in a way that is functional and useful for your property. Let’s talk about what French drains can do for your property and how we can install them.

French Drain Services

So, why install a French drain in your property? What are these even for? Well, they can actually be pretty functional mechanisms to install in your property in order to both protect the infrastructure of the area and make use of all the excess water.

  • Provide easy channels for water to flow through underground.
  • French drains can redirect water away from fragile concrete areas.

  • Redirect water to areas where you can actually make use of this water.

Now, the whole point of redirecting water isn’t just to keep it away from things that it should stay away from, but also to be of use elsewhere. Because of this, French drains can redirect water to different areas. For example, the water can be directed to:

  • Low-lying area of properties

  • Drainage ditches

  • Dry wells

  • Streets

  • Plants that might need the water