Commercial landscaping has undergone several significant changes in recent years. In previous times, property owners would make beautifying the garden a landscaper’s only mandate. However, recent years have seen commercial property owners take a more active interest in landscaping. They still want their buildings to appear attractive, but additional focus areas include cost savings and environmental friendliness. There is an increased awareness of how landscaping choices affect the environment. Here are some primary requirements commercial property owners have for their landscapers:

Creating gathering places

A landscape construction Hopkinton MA company says that clients understand that office parks require outdoor areas where people want to congregate. This includes small garden areas where employees can sit and eat lunch. Some companies have even taken to conducting meetings in open-air spaces, weather permitting. Placemaking environments are a popular trend and fast becoming a commercial landscaping requirement. They should contain seating areas, fountains and water features, sculptures, and stunning plants and flowers.

New lighting solutions

Commercial landscapers should include lighting solutions that light up a garden at night for safety and aesthetic purposes. Rising power costs mean that innovative lighting that saves money is a priority. Commercial landscaping Framingham MA businesses are exploring LED and solar lighting as both save on electricity consumption. LED and solar lighting last far longer than their regular predecessors. A hybrid system uses solar power until it is depleted. After that, it switches over to conventional electricity. As they are so much brighter, LED lights can create stunning effects with minimal input.


Irrigation innovations

Water preservation is vital in modern commercial landscaping, according to MetroWest landscaping businesses. Companies that rent commercial properties place great value on their landlord’s environmental impact. This includes the unnecessary wastage of water. In addition, water costs have risen in recent years, becoming an avoidable expense if innovative irrigation is prioritized.

Newer irrigation systems include rain sensors to avoid superfluous watering and controllers that adapt to changing weather. Adaptive technology makes irrigation more efficient.

Plant choices

With climate change becoming an ever-present reality, rainfall patterns are changing in many areas. Poor plant choices could see landlords spending far more on irrigation than is necessary. Weston landscaping companies focus more on using indigenous plants in commercial landscaping as they require less maintenance and irrigation. Plant choices are also being guided by drought risk. Hardy plants that do not need a lot of water, such as succulents, are popular choices as they withstand drought conditions. Commercial property owners who need to overhaul their existing landscaping or are starting from scratch need an established landscaper to give them sound advice. J Guidel Landscape Inc. is a phone call away on (508) 380-0048.

It’s friendly, professional team will gladly assist commercial property owners with their landscaping needs. A consultation explaining our services and determining your needs will be the beginning of a sustainable, growing business relationship.