The answer is, yes, you can. There are several advantages to planning your landscape project during the winter months. Although most people think that landscaping is only a spring or summer activity, landscapers can work year round. Even snow, if it isn’t too deep, won’t put the landscapers on hold. The good thing about doing it in the wintertime is that most of your grass and shrubs have already withered and died, so in those terms, there is less damage to your garden. We at J Gudiel Landscape Inc., will tell you that the best time to hire Ashland MA landscapers is actually in the winter.

Good Reasons for Doing So:

 Most people book their landscaping in the warmers months, because of this it is easier to find a landscaper during the colder season. You aren’t competing against others to have the work done. During spring through to the end of summer landscapers are at their busiest.

Because of the nature of the work, especially the use of equipment, it can get noisy. In the wintertime, people don’t use their yards so much so you won’t disturb the neighbors as much as if you have a major landscaping project happening in the warmer months.

There is also less chance of disturbing the local wildlife during the winter months. Some animals are hibernating, many of the birds have migrated and there are less insects. Your flowers, trees and shrubs are dormant and so won’t be disturbed either.

With workers and machinery, mud and drying cement, most of your garden could be off limits during the landscaping, but wintertime isn’t the time to enjoy your garden anyway. This is especially true in areas where there are hard winters.

Landscaping doesn’t just involve moving and shaping earth to the design that you wish. During the summer months, watering down both concrete and mortar, used to set structures like paths, ponds, patios, gazebos, walls, and fountains, is necessary to ensure slow drying and prevent cracking or crumbling. In the winter months the wet and the damp keep them moist without the additional need for watering.

It may be thought that frozen ground and hard frosts will delay any landscaping designs, but that isn’t true. Heavy equipment makes short work of frozen earth. Covering work areas with tents or using tarpaulins help keep the frost at bay and make the earth workable. Contractors know how to work in wintery conditions.

Laying new turf isn’t a problem for today’s landscapers. Once your green areas have been shaped and covered with a layer of topsoil, the turf can be laid. The damp weather will keep it alive until spring when it will start to grow.


Think Ahead

Don’t wait until spring to contact your Ashland MA landscapers. We at J.Gudiel Landscape Inc. are busy all year round. Beat the rush andvisit our website for more information and no obligation quotes right now.