Contrary to popular belief, those of us dedicated to garden maintenance and landscaping in Framingham don’t hibernate for the winter. Although the earth may lay dormant in the colder months, there are still many things to be done to keep gardens vibrant and healthy. It is a good idea to redesign your garden or plan for the coming warmer months during the off season.

Here at J.Gudiel Landscape Inc. we would like to remind your that care of your property and gardens is an all year around commitment. The winter months are a good time to clear out old shrubbery or even add new features to your garden. Gardens may come into their glory during spring and summer, but wintertime is the season to prepare for it.

·         Landscaping

Landscaping causes all sorts of disruption, not only to your garden, but to your daily lives until the project is complete. It is better to get it done in the cold months so that when it is warmer, you get to fully enjoy your garden in all its glory.

Get all the disturbance out of the way when you don’t use your garden.

·         Winter maintenance

Sudden drops in temperatures and frost can damage some of the features and structures you have in your garden.

Lawn sprinkler systems have to be emptied so ice doesn’t damage the tubes. Also do the cleaning of ponds or fountains and their pumping systems.

Paths and patios can become cracked with the rise and fall of temperatures so they have to be repaired and maintained.

·         Fences

Wintertime is the idea time to repair or renew your fencing. Like other types of construction, putting up new fencing is disruptive, so get it done when you aren’t using your garden.

·         Lawn care

Returfing or reseeding of lawns is another winter task. Repairing thin patches and uprooting weeds and crabgrass can all be carried out during cold months. The moisture in the ground will keep the turf or seeds alive until spring.

·         Mulching

Replanting shrubs and plants in different locations is a good idea during wintertime, as many are dormant the uprooting won’t harm them. Of course, to keep them safe from the frost until spring mulch will have to be spread over them. Mulching will also do the same for the lawns.

·         Tree care

Tree removal takes place all year round. Trimming and pruning is recommended during the winter months. This way when the new growth starts the tree canopy isn’t so thick. Sunlight can penetrate down to the ground to reach your bushes and flowerbeds.

·         Snow removal

Snow removal is one of our main activities when the seasonal storms start. We ensure that your streets are unblocked and paths cleared. We take care of gritting, salting and getting rid of hazardous black ice around your home.

Always working

We at J. Gudiel Landscape Inc are never idle during the winter months. Outside property maintenance and landscaping Framingham aren’t put on hold even in the coldest months. Don’t hesitate to visit our website for more information and free quotes.