If you are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space on your property, then there is no getting away from the fact that you are going to have to do a fair amount of maintenance over the course of the year! As the seasons change, your garden is going to require different levels of work and care to keep it looking fresh and presentable, but when it comes to larger scale landscaping, the key is making sure that you choose the right time in the calendar to get started!

For most experts, that perfect time is the fall. There are plenty of reasons for this, reasons that we are going to share with you right now! Without further ado, here is why fall is definitely the best time for Weston landscaping.

●     Weston Landscaping In Fall – Best Climate

If you start a project in the summer you have to contend with the baking heat outside, and if you start in the winter then you have to face the cold weather, hard ground and wet days. The fall, in comparison, is the best possible season to work outside because the weather is fair and the ground is neither too soft nor too hard. You will get to experience lots of dry days in a row whilst also getting a good amount of light during the day to make the most of your time.

●     Plants Thrive

If your landscaping is going to involve a lot of planting around the space, then the fall is the perfect time to plant and allow things to thrive in a gentle climate. Plants aren’t able to ‘relax’ when it is too hot or too cold, so the cooler but not cold weather of the fall is ideal for a large-scale planting operation. It is important to get things planted before the winter, because that is the period in which lots of species of plant will go into a hibernation state. If they are not fully matured by the winter, then they run the risk of expiring!

●     Not As Much Babysitting Required

With the fall being the most ‘stable’ of the seasons, this means that you won’t have to do quite as much babysitting as you would if you planted things in the winter or the summer. Things like heavy rainfall, intense heat waves or even snow are not what newly planted foliage want to have to experience, and if you do have to face these events, it will be down to you to keep more of an eye out. In the fall, however, you simply do not have to do this to the same extent!

So, if you would like to get started on some Weston landscaping this fall, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals atJ. Gudiel Landscape, Inc. No matter what kind of project you have in mind, we can guarantee that we can help your dream landscaping visions become a delightful reality. Don’t want until next fall to achieve your dream garden, let’s get the ball rolling as soon as possible!